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Phnom Sampov is a characteristic site situated along National Road 57 in Sampeou Commune, Battambang area, about kilometers of Battambang city. On a 100-meter-high mountain stands a pagoda and three regular caverns: Pkasla, Lakhaon, and Aksopheak. Pkasla cavern is brimming with removed stones and is viewed as significant on the grounds that it is the place Phnom Sampeou occupants come to celebrate after a marriage. Alongside Phnom Sampeou are a few significant mountain bunches, including Phnom Kdaong, Phnom Krapeu(The Crocodile Mountain), Phnom Trung Moan, Phnom Trung Teat, and Phnom Neang Romsay Sok. All are identified with the Khmer Folktale titled Reachkol Neang Romsay Sok.

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