BoBo Venture

River Sightseeing in Battambang Province is a place where you can hire the boat to take you around Battambang town to see the river life. There are many options for you to hiring the boat, for a non-motorized small wooden boat for 4,000 Riel which equals $1 or motorizes boat for $5 an hour.

What to see at the River Sightseeing?

The River Sightseeing is on the north of the Cobra Bridge by the west bank, you will see a lot of boats. All travelers will See daily Cambodian life before your very eyes with local Battambang character and artist Theanly to guide you down the scenic Sangker river. Visit a family fruit farm, hear tales of local history and legend or stop in a small isolated village before returning at sunset to Battambang town, taking in the beautiful countryside. Tours begin at 1:30 PM from Main market boat station and return at 5 pm.

Things To See and do




Explore Battambang Province ?

`Battambang Province` is a city on the Sangkae River in northwestern Cambodia. Battambang Province is the is the fifth most populous province in Cambodia, in...