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Phnom Bros Phnom Srey is the wonderful ancient mountain to visiting in Kampong Cham Province.It is about 7km from the provincial town and around 114km from Phnom Penh City. Phnom Bros Phnom Srey translates into Men Hill and Women Hill respectively,However Phnom Bros Phnom Srey were became beautiful historical pagoda away from the city.

Why Phnom Bros Phnom Srey became the historical culture in Cambodia ?

There is a common legend about the history of Phnom Bros Phnom Srey. The story goes like this. Once upon a time, there was a queen name Srey Ayuthea, reigning in Khmer territory. Since no man dared to propose such a beautiful noble woman, the queen decided the marry a man of her own preference. Then it became the custom that women needed to propose men for marriage. Long after that, women wanted to change that custom; they wanted men to propose them back, so they challenged the men. They came up with a competition of building a mountain from the sunset until the morning star rose; which team got a higher mountain was the winner, and the loser team needed to propose the winner team. The men thought that they would win, so they agreed to compete. The evening came; both teams started to build the mountains. The men thought that they were strong, so they would win the competition. Many hours had gone; the women team came up with a trick by hanging a lantern up on a tall tree in the direction of the morning star. The men team saw the lantern and thought it was the morning star, so they started to sleep all together while the women kept on building the mountain. After the real morning star rose, the men woke up and saw their mountain is lower than the women’s mountain. They accepted the result, and the custom changed. Men started to propose women for marriage instead.

Phnom Bros has dull peak with approximate 30m height and can be reached by road until the top. On the hill, there is a pagoda named Wat Sovankiri Ratanak Phnom Bros. On the top of Phnom Bros, you can see the beautiful view of Kampong Cham Province. Phnom Bros is a good relaxation place.

Phnom Srey is about 1km north of Phnom Bros. Phnom Srey has sharp-pointed peak with about 110m height and can be climbed up by stairs. Phnom Srey has good countryside view. North of Phnom Srey, there are ranges of mountains such as mountains of Dang Rek, Ba Ley, and Chhuk.

Mostly, many local people visit Phnom Bros Phnom Srey during Khmer traditional festivals such as Khmer New Year and Pchum Ben. Phnom Pros Phnom Srey is a well-known and worth-visiting place in Kampong Cham Province.

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