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Phnom Neang Kong Rey is the most popular history attractive in Kampong Chhnang Province,Most of the tourist never missed to visiting Phnom Kong Rey due to they wanna know about the picture of Kong Rey Mountain.This Mountain was became form like a lady sleeping while there is a legacy story that has the highest point about 310 meters. Why this mountain was belong to Neng Kong Rey? This mountain came from a real movie In Khmer: Puthisen Neang Kong Rei
A short summary of Phnom Neang Kong Rey, Kong Rei is the name of a beautiful daughter of the ogress in the Khmer folk tale of the Twelve Sisters.The tale has been made into books, songs and movies. Suffice to say that the prince was forced to leave his beloved Neang Kong Rei to go on a mission, and used a spell to turn the intervening lands into water so she couldn’t follow him. Heartbroken, the princess cried herself to death at her loss and the mountain is said to resemble the shape of a prone, weeping maiden. Larger than life statues of the devastated girl and the departing prince on his trusty stead can be seen in the small traffic circle park close to the provincial hall.

Traveling to Phnom Neng Kong Rey

Phnom Neng Kong Rey have location 2 km north of Kompong Leaeng, on the east bank of the Tonle Sap, Kompong Chhnang
you need to rent a motorized boat to get to Phnom Neang Kong Rey. While you traveling by boat, there are a lot of beautiful landscape such as big trees, and flower blooming all over.

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