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Phnom Roap Bat is a small culture mountain area which is a beautiful mountain at countryside,Moreover, there is a foot print of Hermit Ta Prohm. On the top of mountain, Cambodian people come to pray mostly on festival days. It is also related to Ta Preng legend in Cambodia story teller. Phnom Roap Bat is one of the popular destination for tourists to visit.

Traveling to Phnom Roap Bat

Phnom Roap Bat is located in Andong Chrey village, Andong Snay Commune, Rolea Phaear District, Kampong Chhnang Province. To get to Phnom Roap Bat from city of Kampong Chhnang Province is around 12 kilometers. And If you come all the way from Phnom Penh is about 103 kilometers.

Things To See and do





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