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Phnom Ta lnd is the small mountain at countryside in Kampong Chhnang province,once all of the tourist really enjoyable Phnomm Ta Ind there are very refreshing and also good air to have a break time from travel the hot day.On your Kampong Chhnang Tours, you must visit the Phnom Ta Ind, Kampong Chhnang
Phnom Ta Ind How to go: 3km (3mn) From Provincial Town. Location: Description: Nature Wildlife Preserves, Location: Trapang Anchang Village, Svay Chrom Commmune, Ralebiar District.

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`Kampong Channang` is just a small province 91 kilometres (57 mi) from Phnom Penh. It is in the alluvial plain of central Cambodia and is drained by the Tonl...