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Kean Svay Krau is located in Phum Thom commune, Kean Svay district, about 19 kilometers from Phnom Penh, or about '30 kilometers from Takmao. To reach Wat Kean Svay, cross the Monivong Bridge and travel east for 19 kilometers on National Road 1. The gate to the pagoda is on the left. The site is about 300 meters inside the gate. The site covers 10 hectares and is lush with trees and other vegetation. Fruit trees line the edge of the Ktub River, creating an inviting atmosphere for tourists to sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The river is also a key transportation link to Ka Om village, another popular tourist site. Because of the natural beauty of Kean Svay, the provincial tourism service and local authorities hope to make the site more popular with tourists. They have added parking and restroom facilities and increased security.

How to get to Kean Svay Krau?
Getting to Kean Svay Krau is about 19 kilometers from Phnom Penh City so most of the transportation to reach there by Moto rental or tuk-tuk the price is between 20$ including return trip, Moreover travelers are using haft day tour.

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