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Koh Kong Island is the largest island of Cambodia that has a location just 22 kilometers south of Koh Kong town, which is on the mainland, and is kind of a sister city to the island. Koh Kong is 39 square miles with its length being about 12 miles and its width ranging from 3.2. to 4.5 miles. There is only one settlement on the island and that is at Alatang, a small fishing village which is on the south-east corner of the island. The population is less than 30, most of which work exclusively in the fishing industry, but some have taken to working in the tourism industry.
On the west side of the island, there are six absolutely beautiful beach areas, each of which has its own freshwater lagoon leading to rivers that get their water from the high mountain peak. These are incredible places to visit and you will love the warm waters.

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There are many Cambodian islands, there are two primary portions to Koh Kong Island that you will love most – the beaches and the forest. The beaches are as beautiful as one will find. With such a small population and with a limited number of tourists that stay on the island, it is easy to see that much of the beach area is incredibly pristine. Koh Kong Island is surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand, so there is a great deal to enjoy in the water. The swimming is great as you enjoy the warm waters of the Gulf. You can also rent equipment to go scuba diving, and some tours will take you to the best scuba diving places in the area. Koh Rong Samloem is known worldwide for its scuba diving areas, and it is quite easy to join a tour there to get to see why this is true first hand. The cost of tours ranges from $20 to 55$.


There are not currently accommodations to book on the island.

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