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Prek Chik O' srey Sranash is one of the tourist attractions destinations in Koh Kong which the global travelers love to visit owing to its idyllic location. You are definitely going to have one of the most memorable moments of your life if you take some time off from your busy schedule to visit the Prek Chik O' srey Sranash, Koh Kong. The stunning locales which surround the Prek Chik O' srey Sranash in Koh Kong draw travelers from all across the globe. Since it is placed conveniently at a distance of about six kilometers from the heart of the provincial town, therefore it acts as a perfect picnic spot for all.

How to get to Prej Chik O'Srey Sranash in Koh Kong Province?
Traveling hire a car and drive down for about ten minutes to reach the Prek Chik O' srey Sranash in Koh Kong. The actual location of the Prek Chik O'srey Sranash is in the village of Chhmarbak of the Bakclong Commune in the district of Smachmeanchey. There are many tourist attractions in this Smachmeanchey District so it has become a favorite tourist haunt. The lush green forests of the adjoining areas of the Prek Chik O' srey Sranash in Koh Kong acts as a natural habitat for the extensive flora and fauna of Cambodia. The travelers can see some of nature and wildlife reserves while visiting the Prek Chik O' srey Sranash in Koh Kong.

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