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Phnom Nam Lear Sanctuary has an area of about 475-kilometer squares, 45km from the town, it is known for the beautiful scenic beauty and idyllic surroundings. The sanctuary is one of the main wildlife reserves in the province.
Phnom Nam Lear Sanctuary in Mondulkiri is a wildlife reserve and is home to wide species of local birds and animals. It is located around 80kms from the main town center of Sen Monorom. It takes around 4 hours to travel from the main town center to the sanctuary by car. The journey is very pleasant as the route goes through winding routes and idyllic forests.
Phnom Nam Lear Sanctuary is also a major excursion point in the province. Travelers can also camp in the sanctuary at the night. There are small cottages where one can also stay. The sanctuary is full of beautiful cliffs, small waterfalls, streams, and sprawling greenery.

Various tours are also undertaken to Phnom Nam Lear Sanctuary, Mondulkiri. There are travel agencies that organize such tours. Trekking tours are also undertaken by nature-lovers. The popularity of the sanctuary as one of the main tourist attractions in Mondulkiri has boosted eco-tourism in Mondulkiri to a great extent.

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