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Central Market or in Khmer called Pshar Thom Thiem is the attraction art Deco building market in Cambodia was built in 1937 in the shape of a dome with four arms branching out into vast hallways with countless stalls of goods. Initially designed by Jean Desbois. Construction works were supervised by French architect Louis Chauchon and the ingenue Wladimir Kandaouroff. The Central is the best to buy things to bring home with all of the travelers, That is a large Market in Cambodia where providing the famous clothes brand local, handicraft product at the center is providing jewelry and watches.
Moreover Central Market is the best local market for buying groceries and fresh vegetables like a supermarket as well as at there around 2 PM or 3 PM also have Khmer street food with a nice taste.

How to Visiting Central Market in Cambodia?

Central Market is located at Samdach Sothearos Blvd (3), Phnom Penh city of Cambodia. Opening hours from 8 AM to 6 PM, Most of the travel getting there by tuk-tuk service due to there not much parking. If the traveler would buy the souvenir in the area traveling to your friend or family central Market is a good place for your shopping in Cambodia.

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