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7 Step Waterfall is a wonderful waterfall in Ratanakiri Province during the dry season with the surrounding covered by green forest and mountain. 7 Step waterfall has 4 steps and the height of each floor is 4 meters. Most of the people in Rattanakiri Province also rename 7 step waterfall to Ou'Sean Lair and there are many places which you can travel for the whole day such as mountains, lakes, wildlife with the nature of northeastern Ratanakiri Province. You can also take photos of each step of the waterfall for your memorable experience of your fantastic trip to Ratanakiri Province. Moreover, you can enjoy swimming with a cool waterfall from the mountain.

Traveling to 7 Step Waterfall or Ou'Sean Lari in Rattanakiri

7 Step Waterfall have located in Lum Phat District with the distance of around 19 kilometers from capital town of Banlung,So all traveler could getting there by tuk tuk or taxi.

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