BoBo Venture

Boeng Yak Loum has a very nice lake where people love to go and enjoy the view around there. Boeng Yak Loum actually called Yak Loum Lake. Yak Loum lake consist of many historical of where this lake come from.
This place is surrounded by forest. Once you reach over there, when you look around, you can only see a lot trees with a huge lake in the middle.


There are many things to do in this area like family eating, ride elephant, swimming or dress as ratanakiri tribe and take photo. If you want to wear tribe cloth, you have to pay fee for rent tribe cloth, and they already build a tribe home so that you match your changing cloth with the home to get a better photo. Moreover, there are many people selling souvenir and tribe wine where you can buy to drink at home.


If you are planing to stay over one night, we suggested you to return back to Banlung city of Ratanakiri. There is no hotel around this area.

Traveling to Boeung Yak Loum

Boeng Yak Loum is located in Yeak Loum commune, Banlung City, Ratanakiri province. It's about 9 kilometers from Krong Ban Lung Independent Monument. If you are driving direct from Phnom Penh, it's 506 kilometers. While you are on the way going to Boeng Yak Loum, it's very convenient for traveller to go since your transportation service can arrive at the resort. So you don't have to walk far or take boat in order to reach to the place.

Things To See and do






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