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Terrace of the Elephants is the ancient walled city of Angkor Thom was built by King Jayavarman VII. The Terrace is situated in between Phimeanakas, the Royal Palace on one side, and Leper King Terrace (reviewed separately) on the other side. It was a spectacular structure that has located at the North of Bayon Temple.
Terrance of the Elephant is a special temple to have a walk and exploring many cravings of fighting elephants and others creature carvings, Moreover, the view amazing craving along this terrace is fully wheelchair accessible alone the roadway that is a great opportunity for panoramic photos of the Terrace as well as the Parade Grounds (with the Prasat Suor Towers in the background) here. Flat and easy to wheel around using a wheelchair, this and the Terrace of the Leper King are a must-see stop to visit. Just spend a short time here to view the architecture and carvings as well as take some amazing photos, moving on to other temples and structures nearby. Watch out for water puddles (large and small) along the road if it rained recently!) and potholes in general.

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